Líkami Plus

Botanical serums tailored to your skin's needs.

That our skin needs more than a one-size-fits-all approach is no longer a secret. That's why we're launching Likami Plus, a brand new skincare line with 'targeted treatments'. The collection consists of 10 botanical serums to mix and match according to your individual skin profile and corresponding needs.

What are serums?

Serums are the powerhouses of your skincare routine. The high concentration of active ingredients is able to work deeper into the layers of the skin thanks to the lighter texture. This way, serums can effectively tackle specific skin problems. Next to serums that target issues like acne, redness and hyperpigmentation, there are also serums for those who simply want to improve their long-term skin health.

Likami natural skincare - Likami Plus

Personalise your skincare routine with Líkami Plus

With the Plus line, Likami opts for a customised approach. Every skin is different and needs a unique serum cocktail for the best results.

From the ten Likami Plus serums you can choose one or more adapted to your skin type and skin goals. Then you can mix and match the different serums throughout your skincare routine. Depending on the ingredients, use them together or spread them over your morning and evening routine.

Likami natural skincare - Likami Plus
That our skin needs more than a one-size-fits-all approach is no longer a secret

Made to complement your base routine

If you’re already using our products, you know that we always start with our 4-step ritual. The Likami Plus serums are made to complement this base routine so you can customise it according to your personal needs.

The basics stay the same, but throughout the years or seasons you can add in or switch up serums to personalise your skincare routine.
Use your serums after your cleanser and toner, and before your moisturiser (cream, oil and/or SPF). Depending on the ingredients, you can use one or more serums together or alternate between your morning and evening routine.

Likami natural skincare - Likami plus

Which serum fits you best?

Likami Plus consists of 10 serums: Anti-acne (niacinamide), Anti-aging (retinol), Brighten Skin (multivitamin complex), Even Skin Tone (ferulic acid), Hydration (hyaluronic acid and biosaccharides), Hyperpigmentation (kojic acid), Skin Redness (azelaic acid), Elasticity (pH4 natural lifting ferment),Skin Renewal (glycolic acid) and Fine Lines & Wrinkles (Bakuchiol).

Every skin is unique and needs different ingredients for the very best results. Out of the ten Likami Plus serums, you can therefore choose one or more tailored to your skin type and goals.

Likami natural skincare - Likami Plus

Serums, simplified!

Likami Plus wants to make serums more accessible for those who are not a walking skincare bible. That's why the info on the bottles is clear and well-described and you can immediately read what each serum does.

Real skincare addicts will have fun discovering the hero ingredient of each serum. We encourage you to mix and match until you find your ideal serum cocktail.

Do you need guidance to pick out your customised Likami Plus serums? We’re happy to help you out with personalised advice.

Likami natural skincare - Liikami Plus

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