Simplifying your beauty routine: what products does your skin type really need?

By Likami, 03.04.2020

Líkami stands for minimalism. You’ll not only find that in our visual identity, but also in our product range. We don’t feature five different cleansers targeted at certain skin types, or a special skin care range for men. We believe our base routine of four products answers any skin need by mixing and matching them accordingly. Find out how to blend a tailored Likami routine for your skin below.

Skin is an ever-evolving organ

Our skin is a dynamic organ that constantly changes and evolves. That happens as we grow older, but mostly as we change our lifestyle or our environment. You might experience that your skin becomes tighter when the temperature drops, or that it needs more care when you’ve not been paying attention to your diet for weeks. This ever-changing process makes it impossible to categorise your skin into a box, also known as a skin type. Yes, your skin might generally be oily. But it will still react differently in certain weather conditions or during a hormonal fluctuation in your body.

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We all respond to change differently and so does our skin.

A basic four-step routine

Does that mean you need to own a product for every one of your possible skin concerns, change your moisturiser every season or cleanse with a different product when you’re on holiday in a hot environment? No. When we started Líkami, we researched and sourced the right ingredients to formulate skin care products that could be used by everyone. No matter how your skin acts, no matter your age or your gender. This resulted in a basic routine of four universal products:

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How to adjust your basic routine to your skin’s needs

Líkami products work great individually and will play well with other items from your skin care shelf. However, we do believe that using the four-step program daily and consistently will yield the best results. By sticking to this minimal routine, your skin regains its balance and is treated with potent, harmonious blends to nourish and protect.

Need to adjust your routine to a lifestyle change? Then you can mix and match, add in or leave something out accordingly. Here are some tips to use your four-step routine in different ways to answer to specific skin needs.

  • If your skin is feeling particularly dry or tight due to weather changes or dry air, mix in a few drops of the serum with the facial cream for an even more potent moisturising blend.
  • Looking for some extra glow, is your skin feeling congested or does it lack elasticity? Use a Facial Serum + Jade Roller or The Gua Sha Sculpting Tool for a detoxifying lymphatic massage.
  • After a heavy night or a long flight, boost your dull complexion by keeping your toning mist in the fridge before applying it.
  • If your skin is dehydrated, create your own sheet mask by soaking a tissue in the facial toner and leaving it to work its magic on your face for ten minutes. Or you can add our Healing balm to your routine as an overnight hydration mask.
  • Do you wear a lot of makeup or have you been bathing in SPF? Then a double cleanse is crucial to keep your skin pure and clean. Dissolve makeup and sunscreen with Cleansing Oil, rinse off and then cleanse your skin with the cleansing milk.
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