Remove all stress from your face with the Gua Sha Sculpting Tool

By Likami, 13.08.2020

Five minutes of facial massage with Líkami's 'Gua sha sculpting tool': that's all you need to stimulate facial blood flow and make your skin smoother and firmer. Líkami deliberately chooses a black coloured gua sha stone, which works on a deeper level as well as caring. In combination with Líkami's facial serum and facial cream, all daily negative energy such as stress and frustrations are wiped off the face in a few firm, flowing movements. It makes the gua sha facial massage the ultimate act of self-care. Sounds good in times like these, right?

Powerful effect with black obsidian

Taking it one step further than the jade and rose quartz stones, Líkami purposefully works with the black gua sha stone - more specifically the black obsidian, which is mined and cut from chilled lava. More than others, this natural crystal has the power to wipe daily tensions such as stress and frustrations off the face. Massaging your face with this new sculpting tool from Líkami has a deeper effect than just tackling wrinkles, aging and dry skin. It also has a healing effect! Additional benefit: the facial gua sha also activates the acupressure points along the twelve main meridians of your face.

Gua Sha Sculpting Tool - pic @likamiskincare
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A minute of facial excercise for a lifetime of glowing skin

Perfect combo with facial serum & facial cream

The perfect way to get started with the gua sha stone is after applying your skincare products. Líkami brings his new skincare tool together with the 'Facial essential serum' and the 'Facial cream' in one ultimate beauty set. Use gua sha in the morning or evening and massage your face together with two to three drops of serum and a pea sized amount of facial cream. Smooth the gua sha stone over your face. Work in flowing movements from the inside out: from your nose along your cheeks to your ears, from your chin along your jaw line to your ears, from your eyebrows over your forehead to your hairline and from your cleavage along your neck to your chin. Repeat for five minutes. That's all it takes to give you a fresh and glowy look.

Gua Sha Sculpting Tool - pic @likamiskincare
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Act of selfcare

If this turbulent period teaches us one thing, it's the importance of a conscious life. Líkami's 'Gua sha sculpting tool' offers a short and intense moment of self-care and can be applied at any moment of the day. The result is incomparable: a happy mind in a happy glowing skin.

PS: the gua sha stone can also be used for your full body! Shop it through the webshop or by our selected dealers

Gua Sha Sculpting Tool - pic @likamiskincare
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