New: eco-luxurious exfoliant cream and facial mask

By Likami, 15.03.2021

They have been in the pipeline for years, as the search for the right vegan formula and ecological packaging was not easy. But today they have arrived: two brand new products in our eco-friendly skincare range. Meet this dynamic duo for a purifying bathroom ritual full of healing antioxidants. Say hi to our Exfoliant Cream and Facial Mask.

Exfoliant Cream: a gentle peeling for daily use

The fact that coarse, rough scrubs are not good for the skin (among other things, because they damage the skin barrier and cause irritations) is no longer a secret. That's why we developed the Exfoliant Cream, a very fine-grained cream based on biodegradable polylactide and apricot kernel seed. It exfoliates your dead skin cells and reveals a soft, radiant complexion, and it's yet gentle enough to use every day and does not cause irritation.

Ingredients such as green tea and vitamin E give the cream an antioxidant effect. This makes the exfoliant digs even deeper to cleanse, renew and purify the skin. The Exfoliant Cream can be used every day or as often as needed, after cleansing with the Cleansing Milk. Massage the cream in circular movements onto damp skin (face, neck and décolleté) and rinse off with water.

The technical data sheets with instructions for use and the full list of ingredients can be found here.

Exfoliant Cream
Likami - Natural skincare

Facial Mask: a weekly benefactor

Skincare is self-care and a mask is a must-do! The new Facial Mask is a real multi-tasker: white Kaolin clay purifies, aloe vera and camomile soothe, white willow bark has an anti-inflammatory effect and prickly pear seed oil regenerates. The mask also contains antioxidants, nourishing oils and liquorice root that reduces skin pigmentation.

A real benefactor, which you can also use once or twice a week for a successful at-home spa moment. Apply a generous layer to cleansed skin, leave on for 10-15 minutes and rinse off with warm water. Then move on to your hydrating routine with the Facial Toner, Facial Essential Serum and Facial Intensive Hydrating Cream.

The technical data sheets with instructions for use and the full list of ingredients can be found here.

Likami - natural skincare

Botanical, eco-friendly and slow skincare

Everything Líkami develops is well thought-out and fits in with the slow skincare philosophy we pursue. We always work in small batches to guarantee the freshness of the products and to maintain control over their quality.
The Exfoliant Cream and Facial Mask were again the result of years of research. The mildness of the scrub and the multi-tasking effectiveness of the mask were crucial elements, but the packaging was also an important issue. In the end, we chose simple but high-quality jars made of aluminium, a recycled and recyclable material. Another striking and extra eco-friendly feature is that Líkami has no secondary packaging such as cardboard boxes. All product information, from instructions to the list of ingredients, is printed on a peel-off label on the jar itself.

Likami - natural skincare

Gender neutral and suitable for all skin types

Both products are also (like all Líkami products) gender neutral and suitable for all skin types - even the most sensitive. The ingredients are soothing and anti-inflammatory, a must according to co-founder Marianne. "Most people who turn to natural cosmetics do so because they suffer from redness, eczema, acne and other skin problems," she says. "Líkami offers an answer to this with a routine that repairs the skin and brings it back to its natural balance."

Likami - natural skincare

Would you like to experience this purifying, deep-cleansing and caring duo for yourself? Discover our products in our webshop or via our selected dealers.

Likami - natural skincare

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