New: Anti-Pollution Shield SPF 30

By Likami, 25.03.2021

Developing an ecological sun cream that not only protects against UV rays, but also fun to apply every day? One that is well absorbed, spreads easily and does not leave a white film? And which also pampers the skin with high-quality botanical ingredients? That was the mission and today we are proud to launch the result. Meet the brand new Anti-Pollution Shield SPF 30, an eco-friendly and skin-loving sunscreen for every day.

Multi-protection facial sunscreen

The Anti-Pollution Shield SPF 30 is a protective, glow boosting cream for the face. Apply it as the last step in your skincare routine, after the Facial Intensive Hydrating Cream. Or replace your day cream with the Anti-Pollution Shield SPF 30, because thanks to its high-quality ingredients, it already provides sufficient hydration.

Líkami's SPF was developed not only for sunny summer days, but is truly a sunscreen for every day. The broad spectrum filter protects against UVA rays (which age the skin) and UVB rays (which burn the skin). Whether you live in the city, work behind a window all day or go out, your skin is protected every day against harmful UV rays and pollution that can cause skin ageing and skin cancer.

Natural skincare - SPF 30 - Likami

Key ingredients

In addition to its sun protection properties, the cream is also nourishing, anti-ageing and anti-oxidant. This is thanks to the botanical ingredients with which the SPF is enriched.

Hyaluronic acid
The Rolls Royce of moisturising ingredients. Attracts and retains water in the skin making it smoother, plumper, softer and better hydrated.

Anti-pollution ferment complex®
An unique blend of a high-quality ferment and a plant extract full of hard-working ingredients. The ferment stimulates and stabilises collagen fibres. The plant extract has a nourishing and anti-ageing effect, inhibits inflammation and forms a barrier against free radicals.

Raspberry seed oil
A natural oil that contains high concentrations of essential fatty acids such as Omega 3 and 6, as well as vitamin E and antioxidants. Lab tests show that raspberry seed oil absorbs harmful UV rays. It also calms rashes, inflammations and eczema.

The technical data sheets with instructions for use and the full list of ingredients can be found here..

Natural skincare - SPF 30 - Likami

Healthy and environmentally friendly filter

Líkami's brand new SPF protects against the harmful effects of the sun and pollution in a way that is good for the skin and the environment. For example, the SPF contains an all-natural formula and is reef-friendly, meaning it doesn't harm marine life or coral.
The Anti-Pollution Shield SPF 30 contains an all-mineral, titanium oxide-based sunscreen, without the much-discussed harmful nanoparticles.
Furthermore, Anti-Pollution Shield SPF 30 is a vegan and cruelty-free product without synthetic fragrances. It is quickly absorbed, spreads easily and - unlike many other mineral sunscreens - does not leave a white film behind.

Natural skincare - SPF 30 - Likami

Would you like to experience this protective and nourishing product by yourself? Discover it in our webshop or through our selected dealers.

Natural skincare - SPF 30 - Likami

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