Natural skincare for men: a peek inside Lieven’s bathroom shelf

By Likami, 17.09.2020

One of the reasons we started our brand was because we didn’t understand why skincare had to be so complicated. Why would companies sell both a men’s product and a woman’s product while they’re identical, apart from their gendered packaging and different marketing approach? We stepped away from that traditional vision and created a brand that is simple, genderless and fuss-free.

What does this mean? That our products can be equally used by men and women and are often shared in a couple’s bathroom shelf. In this blog we’re taking a peek inside our co-founder Lieven’s skin and body routine, alongside asking him about his favourite beauty tips and rituals. Let’s talk about natural skincare for men!

Why do you think Likami’s skincare products appeal to men?

Lieven: “Our philosophy is simple: less is more. We use effective and safe ingredients without making skincare complicated or forcing you into a fifteen-step routine. Apart from that, we don’t market our products as gendered and our minimalistic, Scandinavian-inspired packaging radiates that as well.”

How much time do you spend in the bathroom?

Lieven: “Less than ten minutes. It’s a cliché, I know. But I really like to be quick and efficient in the morning, while still taking enough time to prep and groom.”

pic @likamiskincare
Natural skincare - Likami

What’s your favourite step in your bathroom routine?

Lieven: “Cleansing my face. I love the super gentle Cleansing Milk we formulated and how well it works together with our Cleansing Pad. The perfect duo for a thorough cleanse without making your skin feel tight. And the soft exfoliation of the Cleansing Pad is great for men with a light beard like me. It helps to remove dead skin cells and to make the skin underneath your beard a lot smoother.”

Do you have more advice for maintaining a healthy beard?

Lieven: “Apart from trimming and combing, moisturising is essential as well. I use our Facial Cream every day, it contains aloe vera which is not only hydrating but also very soothing for prickly beards. A couple of times a week I treat my skin and beard to our Facial Essential Serum for extra nourishment.”

Cleansing milk + pad - pic @likamiskincare
Cleansing milk + facial pad - Likami

What else is on your bathroom shelf?

Lieven: “Our Deodorant Cream is our male customers’ favourite and it’s my go-to as well. It has a soft, herbal smell that’s pleasant but not overpowering and it keeps me feeling fresh all day. Of course I keep our Hand & Body Wash in the shower for everyday use, Chamomile-Lavender is my favourite scent. And our whole family uses our silicone- and SLS-free Shampoo - it’s a great pick if you tend to have a dry scalp.”

Finally: what’s your number one beauty tip?

Lieven: “In the journey of developing a natural skincare brand, I’ve mostly discovered that a holistic approach is key to keeping your skin youthful and healthy. Eating well, drinking enough water, exercising regularly and avoiding stress are just as important as the right skincare products on your bathroom shelf.”

pic @likamiskincare
Natural skincare - Likami
pic @likamiskincare
Natural skincare - Likami

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