Friends of Líkami - Ellen Asaert

By Likami, 08.07.2022

On our "Friends of Likami" edition today, we're throwing the spotlight on our extraordinary Makeup Artist and Likami Facialist, Ellen Asaert. We had a little chat with Ellen about her favorite Likami products. You can catch up with Ellen on her website.

Ellen, who kicked off a career in Marketing and Advertising, made a switch to the beauty industry when she realized she had a passion for making people look stunning with fashionable hairstyles and beautiful makeup.

She is quoted saying: "Doing someone's hair & make-up does not feel like working, it gives me so much energy and a way to express my creative side.”

Likami - Natural skiincare

Ellen is the brain behind the refreshing facial workouts we present to you from time to time. When she's not teaching us how to work out our facial muscles, she enjoys indulging in some of our products such as the Likami PLUS serums.

For a blinding glow, she mixes her foundation with the classic facial essential serum.
She's obsessed with our Cryo Sticks which uses regularly for her amazing face sculpt and refreshing facial massages.

Would you like to experience these products by yourself? Discover it in our webshop or through our selected dealers.

Likami - Natural skincare

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