#AskLíkami: What are the hottest skincare trends of 2022.

By Likami, 19.09.2022

According to rankings by sites such as Beauty packaging and Vogue, there are so many trendy skincare trends taking over the beauty world like wildfire. And we've picked out our favorite 'Hottest Skincare Trends of 2022'

Here they are:

The use of retinol-based products

Retinol is a form of vitamin A that has been proven to:

  • Exfoliate the skin

  • Boost cell turnover

  • Unclog pores

  • Fade hyperpigmentation

  • Enhance collagen formation.

You can jump into this retinol-based trend by using our Face Serum Anti-aging which contains retinol.

The use of Gua Sha for facial massages

Gua Sha is a mechanical tool for facial care that:

  • Drains the lymph nodes around the face.

  • Release muscular tension

  • Sculpt the face

  • Boost circulation and the flow of nutrients around the face.

You can be a part of the Gua Sha trend by using the Black Obsidian Gua Sha Sculpting Tool.

The constant and cosistant use of SPF

The use of sunscreen is important for the health of our skin. Here are some reasons why sun protection is more than a trend;

  • Sunscreen protects our skin from skin cancer

  • Sunscreen shields our skin from the damaging rays of the sun.

  • Sunscreen slows down aging by preventing attack on skin cells by free radicals.

  • Sunscreen prevents hyperpigmentation disorders.

Likami Anti-pollution shield SPF 30 is worth a trial.

Likami - natural skincare

Adding a Lip Scrub to your beauty arsenal.

This helps to keep your lips soft and well- moisturized. The Likami Lip Balm is an excellent product to try.

Achieving Glass Skin by Hydrating Products.

You can make your skin glass-like by using super hydrating products which contain moisturizing ingredients such as the Likami Plus Facial Serum Hydration serum and the Likami Facial Intensive Hydrating Cream.

Adding products that contain Niacinamide to your regimen.

A good product to try is the Facial Serum Anti-acne with Niacinamide.

Adopting a minimalist skin care approach = skinimalism

You can jump on the skinimalism trend by customizing your skin routine using the full range of Likami products.

Likami - natural skincare

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